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Join our team today!  let's build a Legacy for our generation and change the world! 
Success is a decision!! make that decision today to LEVERAGE on your success while you impact your communities.
Collaboration is a key to success, We are 100% responsible in helping you succeed in this business, ensure you from the day you join our team every resources you need to move to the next Level in Longrich is provided for you.  We foster an inclusive team- building and strive to develop a strong united team.
                     BE YOUR OWN BOSS
Do you want to work from home but don't know where to start?
Tired of no growth in your income?
Earn Extra Income running your business Part Time/ Full Time:
> Students- Earn for your pocket money.
> Housewife- Earn to support your family 
> Unemployed- Be your own Boss.
> Employed- Earn Extra to enjoy luxury of life.
> Retired - Earn to be independent & proud.
Work From Home- run a home based business, expand and earn globally with Longrich BioScience Int’l.
Commission Based Direct Sales.
Weekly Commission after the 4th week of registration based on performance. The Legacy Squad offers you $25 one time Bonus for Phone/Internet Reimbursement to jump start your business (You alone receive this $25 bonus in your entire team)
Longrich is a Network Marketing Company
Longrich BioScience Int’l is a 35- year-Old Company that manufactures and deals with Daily Consumable Products. The Company offers the opportunity for people to ‘Switch their Brands’ of daily consumables like Toothpaste, Body wash, Soap, Cream, Coffee, Alkaline Water Cup, Supplements and some other products like Cotton Sanitary Napkin/ Pantyliners, Shampoo/ Conditioner and lots more then get compensated.
Team Building:
> No Marketing Experience Required. Virtual            training/ Over the Phone training.
> Supportive Team Environment to ensure growth.
> No Timeframe ( No Pressure). Grow at your           own  pace.
> Leadership Easily Achievable
> No mandatory monthly purchase/ autoship
> Unlimited accumulation of bonus points.
* Discover a financial career where you measure success by the good you do. A profession with Longrich offers you a flexible schedule, professional growth, significant income potential, weekly commission payout based on weekly performance, huge savings eligibility with Longrich VIP 1% shares of global profit, this profit is distributed across every VIP members, and you get the chance to better the lives of people in your community by introducing this same opportunity to them so they can Switch their brands and earn weekly.
* Be Your Own Boss with Longrich BioScience .
* Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of working    from home, Spend more time with family.
* Flexible Schedule - set your own hours and       
   control when, where and how you work.
*  Earn money from home.
*  Deliver exceptional customer support and team      training from the comfort of your home.
 * Offpint LLC connects you with Longrich brand, and your referral business provides the solid team which you support.
Longrich Compensation Plan:
Earn 8%-12% Commissions depending on entry level & Performance.
> Performance Bonus 8%-12% Weekly based       on your Entry Level
> Development Bonus 10% Weekly based on 
    your generated points(PV).
> Leadership Bonus between 5-45% weekly
> Retail and Maintenance Bonus up to 45%     
    depending on purchase amount.
> Worldwide Incentive 2.5% ( cycle)
> Advancement : Become Longrich VIP member to earn 1% shares of global sales. This is huge!
> Yearly Cash Awards, Travel Incentives, House Funds , qualification is required.
* We are here to help you build your team. We will also connnect you with Longrich Specialists in other Countries to help you build and support your business globally.
* With Longrich you can EARN in your country of residence and in other countries where you build your teams. This is so amazing.

Contact us with your $125 order on Longrich products to get a free 200g Longrich toothpaste!