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Longrich Energy Classy Style Cooking Pot 28cm Non-Stick

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An innovative God's gift for a modern healthy lifestyle. The world leading green health technology, made from the finest titanium steel as against the conventional aluminum that causes cancer. A must have for every household.


Sizes: 18CM / 24CM / 28CM
Color: Silver
Style: Classy Style
Brand: Longrich
Material: Titanium Steel

  • The Longrich energy pot is able to keep the freshness of the food at its highest level
  • Maintain the original flavors, color and enhances the overall taste of the food
  • Breaks down oil fat. Emulsifies oil in food making it healthy when consumed.
  • Naturally non-stick cookware
  • Made with practical design, combing high quality stainless steel and high quality tempered glass.
  • Additional stainless ring mounted on top of the lid provides easy handling experience.
  • The entire pot body is also made with top quality stainless steel to ensure smooth heat conduction.
  • Multi-layer pot body design enables the pot to fit any cooking styles, such as boiling, pan frying, slow cooking and deep fry.
  • The pot can be used on any types of stove.




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Care InstructionsLongrich Energy Classy Style Cooking Pot 28cm Non-Stick


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